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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have ordered more than 5 graphic decals, or magnetic signs, or have increased my quantity in the shopping cart, why don't I see my discount?

A: There are select products from our website that are eligible for the discount. These items include magnetic signs, custom lettering, graphic decals and a small quantity of banners. The products need to be identical in size, color and style.
Make sure that you added at least a quantity of five to begin with, the discount does not show up if you increase the quantity after adding your decals, magnetic signs or custom lettering to the cart. The discount can only take place on the preview page.

Q: How do I decide which size to select for my decal?
A: Go Here.

Q: What is Premium Outdoor Automotive/Marine Grade Vinyl, and why do you use it?
A: Go Here.

Q: Am I qualified to install vinyl decals? Do you provide instructions for installation?
A: Sure you are, Go Here and find out how.

Q: Do you sell something to help me install the decals I purchase on this site?
A: We sure do. Go Here for several decal installation accessories.

Q: If I create a Decal online, am I obligated to buy it?
A: No. We encourage people to experiment with our site. Have Fun! Tell You Friends! You will be clearly prompted when it is time make a purchase decision (see next question).

Q: I have placed an order, gone through the final check out process, and I have changed my mind, and don't want to make a purchase at this time. Can I cancel my order.

A: When you place your order it is final and non-refundable, however, if you contact us right away before it goes to creation we can keep your order out of production and cancel the credit card charge. The bad news is, the original charge to your credit card, and the cancellation of that charge, costs us money. To keep our costs and prices down we must charge you a $7 credit card processing fee.

Q: Will you be adding to this website?
A: Absolutely! We will be adding new things constantly! Check back often! We will be reading your E-Mail and looking for suggestions to make this site as user friendly as possible.

Q: Is my purchase from this site safe?
A: We use a secure, real time system for credit card processing. In addition to that, you are dealing with an existing business that has been selling decals and handling electronic credit card purchases since the 1980's.

Q: Do you take phone orders?
A: Not at this time.

Q: Do you take mail orders?
A: We do accept mail orders. Here is how.

Q: Do you sell window decals, window stickers, back window decals, etc.?
A: Yes, all our decals can be applied to any smooth, clean, dry surface, which includes glass. So while we may not call it that on the site, all our decals are window decals.

Q: I have designed something that I like. I went to check out, and it told me that my cart has been emptied.
A: You must select "Add to Cart" before checking out. The "Add to cart" icon is smaller than the "Checkout" icon and sometimes is overlooked.

Q: Can you send me color samples of your vinyl?
A: We offer a vinyl color selection guide at no charge.

Q: Can I apply clear coat over my decals that I purchase on your site?
A: Yes you can. It does, however, make it much more difficult to remove it if you should ever want to.

Q: I just painted my car and want to put your decals on it. How long after painting should I wait?
A: We suggest you wait 60 days after painting before applying any decal, including ours. The reason is that should you ever want to remove it, if you have applied the decal in less than 60 days, you may very well peel the paint right with it.

Q: I love your stuff and would like to have a paper catalog, can you send one to me.
A: No. Sorry, we do not offer a paper catalog. You can consider our website an "Online Catalog"

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