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Caution Signs
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keep out
employees only
look out for forklifts
wear your gloves
eye and ear protection
keep clear
prevent accidents clean up spills
flammable materials no smoking
no smoking
hazardous material storage area
no smoking
do not enter
no admittance
low clearance
wear your respirator
restricted area
battery charging area
wear hearing protection
watch for moving trucks
read directions befor servicing
read instuctions
watch for forklifts
gloves required
low head room
slippery when wet
slipery trip hazard
machine must not be operated without safety guards
pregnant women should not enter
x-ray in use
use handrail
safety shoes must be worn
microwave oven in use
goggles positively must be worn when operating this machine
men working
slippery floor
safety shoes
avoid injury
breathing apparatus
eye protection
x-ray radiation
hearing protection
read lable
ear protection
equipment starts and stops automatically
hard hats required
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